June 3 Maker Club features catapults

Maker Club meets next on Saturday, June 3, 4:30-6pm

This month each participant will make their own small-scale trebuchet-style catapult from materials we supply. We will then take them out to the proving grounds (aka the parking lot) and try them out with various smaller projectiles like marbles, marshmallows, etc.

Parents and older (9+) students can come three nights early at 7PM on Wednesday, May 31 if they want to help Pastor Hans-Erik build a much larger trebuchet which we will use that Saturday to hurl larger objects like water balloons.

Kids should come on Saturday in clothes that can get a little wet as they will have the option of fielding water balloons catapulted by our large trebuchet. It will be a nice way to cool down on a summer afternoon!

We will have childcare for kids 4 and under, so parents can go out or stay and make with their older ones.

We meet at Foothill Covenant Church, 1555 Oak Ave.



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