Updated Date for Nicavangelists Return to Foothill on July 23

NOTE that the date has been moved one week earlier. Mark your calendars now because you do not want to miss our second annual engagement with the Nicavangelists, a high-energy street dance Gospel group from Nicaragua.  Welcome Jed and Company!  Some of the thematic material presented is intense and reflects the reality of spiritual conflict.  Younger children will have an alternative program offering.  The Nicavangelists will stay on-site at Foothill starting July 20.  As the date nears we will be asking for donations of food such as chicken, rice, beans, and juice.  And if you have access to a swimming pool or health club where they can shower and recreate that would be excellent!



Welcome Dale Lusk on June 18

On Sunday, June 18 we welcome Dale Lusk of Covenant Merge Ministries to the Foothill Pulpit to share with us an update on his ministry.  Welcome Dale and Family!


Next Maker Club on Saturday, April 8 at 430PM

Our next Maker Club is this Saturday, April 8, from 430 PM to 600 PM.

This month each child will make their own bottle rocket.

Bring an empty 2-liter bottle and some clothes that can get a little wet. We’ll spend time decorating bottles, adding nose cones and fins, then take them out to the launch pad for experiments. What angle makes it fly the farthest? What happens if we add less or more water as propellant?

Young minds will engage with the sciences of physics and propulsion, geometry, and art! Maker Club is open to all. Parents can drop off their kids and go out for some time to themselves, or stay and make together as a family. This event is best for children almost 5 years or older. Younger children will have childcare available.

Contact hans-erik.nelson@foothillcov.org if you need more information.