Joint Worship on January 22nd with Special Guest Chuck Neighbors

Foothill and Grace Community Covenant Churches will join for worship on January 22nd with special guest presenter Chuck Neighbors.

Chuck Neighbors began his career as a professional actor, director, storyteller and writer in 1974. He has toured his one-man shows throughout North America as well as 17 countries around the world. His most popular one-man drama, an adaptation of Charles Sheldon’s Christian Classic, In His Steps, has been featured on radio and television and performed before hundreds of live audiences. Chuck has performed in theaters, churches, gymnasiums, airplane hangars and even on board a submarine. He has traveled by planes, trains and automobiles (and buses and boats) and even by helicopter to mountaintops in South Korea, performing for U.S. military troops.

Chuck is much in demand as a workshop/seminar leader for both large conferences and the local church. Chuck and his wife, Lorie, make their home in Salem, Oregon.



Pastoral Staff travel to Midwinter on January 30

This year the Annual Mid-Winter conference will be held in Lexington, KY.  Pray for us as we travel there and for our interactions with other pastors and missionaries.  Midwinter is a time of deep learning, connecting with other ministry leaders, and being filled with the Spirit as we are blessed by the programming and worship that the Midwinter organizers have planned for us.  While away we may not respond to emails or calls right away.  But please do make contact right away especially if there are any emergencies.  We return on February 3rd.


Next Maker Faire Club meets on Sat February 11

Maker Faire Club for February will have a Valentines Day theme with a Stuffed Animal Heart Transplant Clinic.  Children can bring a stuffed animal from home and we will help them put in a flashing red LED that will make the animals heart seem to beat.  It is a fun exploration of electronics and learning how to use existing materials to make something new and interesting.  The teaching theme will be that Jesus gives us a new heart.  Other stations will be available as well.  We could use some volunteers for greeting, snacks, and staffing our stations, as well as anyone who is comfortable with a soldering iron and is willing to teach some of the older participants how to do it as well as pre-soldering some of the parts for the younger children.  Look for more details soon.  The Maker Faire runs from 430-630PM, with childcare available for younger children.


Semi-Annual Meeting on January 29

Join us for a special mid-year celebration of our life and ministry together.  We meet on Sunday, January 29 at 530PM in the Ark.  The food theme is a build-you-own Taco Buffet complete with festive Mexican decorations!  At the meeting we will hear ministry reports and consider some of the challenges and opportunities that have come up for us around our budget, our landscaping, and our staffing.  Be sure to not miss this event, we want all voices to be heard and above all for the Spirit to guide and inspire our discussion.  This is always one of my favorite events of the year in our life together, and I am excited to see what God has in store for us this year.  Look for communication soon on how you can help with food, setup, and cleanup.  Childcare will be provided.


What Does it Mean to Be Human? A Special Adult Forum Topic

You are invited to join the Adult Forum starting Sunday, January 15 as we begin a series on the question, What does it mean to be human in Gods eyes?  How does our body, soul, spirit, and flesh all interact? What happens when we die?  And what happens when we are raised again?  Adult Forum begins at 930AM.  Coffee and childcare are provided.


Journey with Jesus

This last Sunday, January 15th we began a 12-month Journey with Jesus, culminating (it is hoped and dreamed) with an actual trip to the Holy Land next year.  One Sunday each month we will be looking at a Bible passage and its setting in Israel/Palestine, hoping to bring the scriptures to life by illuminating the places where Gods people walked, talked, and worshiped.  Look for more information to come soon, including details on the entire planned sermon series and about a trip to the Holy Land we can take together as a congregation to see each of the locations of our sermon series.


Landscape Team Update

The Landscape Team has sent the revised design to two contractors who have also come out to survey the grounds.  We expect bids from both within the next week.  The plans are in the Fireside Room.  Be sure to find a member of the Landscape Team to ask them any questions you may have.  The landscape team is Adele, Chris, Hans-Erik, Jack, Kreig, MJ, and Stan.


Maker Faire Club on Saturday, January 7

Our third Maker Faire Club will meet on Saturday, January 7th from 430 to 6PM in the Ark.  The theme of this club meeting is FOUNDATIONS where makers will build physical objects such as towers, bridges, and structures using common household items as well as lego blocks.  Our good news time will focus on building on a firm foundation.  Snacks will be provided.  Invite your friends!