3 Things from the August Executive Committee Meeting

ONE: Spent time welcoming new members to the Executive Committee and learning about how it does its work, how it makes decisions, and what areas it makes decisions in.

TWO: Reviewed the Ministry Action Plan and agreed to some new short-term goals to seek to implement, including various future events such as Harvest Festival, Lucia Potluck, and improvements to the welcoming features of our playground.

THREE: Want to explore the idea of having Work and Fun days in the future, where families are invited to adopt a part of the church to keep looking nice, and follow such work days with a BBQ or similar meal at the church.



Baptism Service after worship on September 25

Foothill will hold a Baptism Service after worship on Sunday, September 25th.  This is a festive and joyous time of dedication of life to the Lord and his service.  Four families are planning to baptize children that day.  If you or your child would like to be baptized as well, contact Pastor Hans-Erik.


3 Things from the July Executive Committee Meeting

ONE: Made plans to form the Landscape Team which can address concerns from the congregation and craft a workable plan to move forward on our landscaping plan (the plan to plan is brought to you in part by the department for redundancies department, a subsidiary of The Nordyne Industrial Conglomerate Concern).  TWO: Made more plans to transition check-signing duties to Kreig, Adele, and Dave Norlander.  THREE: Got a staffing plan update about Victoria Gilmore, a candidate for Interim Pastor for Children and Youth, and her planned visit to Foothill the weekend of August 28th.